Monday, October 20, 2014


Scooters... Everyone rides scooters... not motorized ones but the little kid scooters, men, woman, fat men, fat woman, ANCIENT women. They all ride scooters. And you have to watch out otherwise you can get taken out by them. 

The Milk: The milk you buy here comes in little boxes and it isn't refrigerated when you buy it. It is a lot thinner and not quite as rich as the milk in the States, not sure why. I actually prefer the milk here but most Americans don't like it. 

Stores close randomly: Sometimes you go to a store in the middle of the day and it is closed for no apparent reason. And then you will find a sign that says something like "Due to illness, the store is closed indefinitely." lol 

Supermarkets smell like stinky cheese. The whole grocery store is stinky. 

Cheetah Print: Cheetah Print here is gangsta ghetto. All of the really "bad" kids wear cheetah print accented hats, pants, shoes, etc., etc. 

Most publicity is in English: If you walked down a French street, only looking at the signs, you might mistake what country you are in. They are all in English. 

French people eat dinner really late: Normally, they start eating around 8PM and then eat for like two hours each meal so... they go to bed late too. 

French people automatically think they can speak English better than you can speak French. So they start talking to you in broken English and you just reply to them in French.. 

If they don't want to talk to you, sometimes they just pretend that they can't hear you or see you. That is my favorite. I just follow them and talk to them until I can get a response out of them. lol

In the United States, I feel like old people are the most approachable people in the entire world. It is quite the opposite here. Old people are probably the meanest people you can contact here. Hahaha. It is just kind of funny and weird that it is that way but it is! 

I've said this one before, but French people HATE spicy food. They are very, very sensitive to any spice. 

French people where t-shirts that have English phrases on them that make no sense at all: one of them that I saw said, "The Stars make the Little Things"... just really, really strange stuff like that. lol

... So there are some random facts about France and its people!

As bizarre as some of the things are I love them so much. At first it was a little hard to love the French people and all of their quirks and fashions of doing things but now I try to take into account their culture and understand them and I love them!  

I love you all! Sorry this week I didn't have much to say! 
Que vous soyez heureux!

Elder Johnson

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