Monday, March 16, 2015

Au revoir Périgueux; Bonjour Albi!

So.... Guess what? I have been transferred to Albi! I can’t believe that I didn’t stay in Périgueux. I was so surprised when Elder Acheson answered the phone call from president and hearing the words: you will be staying and receiving blah blah blah. And that point I realized I was leaving. I’m kind of sad to leave Périgueux so fast but it is just like that.

Eating out for district meeting
Albi is a medium sized ville. It is definitely bigger than Périgueux. The thing is, I don’t really have any villes in which I served that are similar in size. I’ve only done really big or really small. So, yeah. There are quite a few special things regarding Albi. Firstly, we have a car! WOOO! We actually have a car! It is so bizarre being in a car, after walking around all of the time for the past year. I’m glad that I don’t have to drive though. Luckily that is Elder Ottesons job. The drivers here are absolutely insane! Personally, I think it is because they don’t start learning how to drive until they are 18. But anyway, Elder Otteson has to drive because he can legally drive here. (After a year in France you can’t drive, too bad)

Saying goodbye in toulouse
The reason we have a car is because our sector is HUGE!! It is the size of three sectors. They recently closed a branch south east of Albi, so they took the missionaries out too. Albi is a branch, a very, very small branch. There are about 25ish people that come regularly but this week there were like 19... including six missionaries. Pretty crazy. The members that I met in the branch are really nice. It is really like a family. I am really impressed that so many of them come... just because for the most part they have to drive around 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get to church.

So, maybe you’re wondering why I was at church in Albi this Sunday instead of next... because usually you do your travelling for the transfer the following Monday of the call. Well, something else special about Albi are the missionaries that serve there. I came in on Saturday to get 'trained' on my special assignment. Anyway, getting to the point, I will be acting as the second counselor in the branch presidency for the time I will be serving in Albi! Pretty stinking crazy. President told me on the phone and I thought I had misheard him! Apparently not!

So, I get to ride around in a car being a second counselor! hahaha

I really feel like I could end my mission here. Most of the missionaries that serve here stay for at least six months... So, yeah. Who knows? I haven't stayed anywhere for longer than four and a half months and that was only once and it was in Lyon.

I went on exchange this week in bergerac and i got to see zoraya and her family!
She told me she is probably going to go on a mission!

My new companion is named Elder Otteson. He is from Washington state and we found out that we actually met each other before the mission! He went to BYU cross-country camp the same year as I did and we hung out there. It is just funny because I remember us looking at each other in a conference one time and feeling like we knew each other but couldn’t put our fingers on it. Pretty funny. Small world, huh!?!

He has been here for four and a half months already and I want to say he has been on his mission for about 9ish months.

Anyway! That is about it for this week! I love you! Please pray for me with this new area and special assignment!

Avec beaucoup d'amour

Elder Johnson


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  2. We need to find out what part of WA his companion is from. I know lots of people from all over the state. :) What an awesome assignment to be in the branch presidency! - Jenn

    1. I will have to ask him next letter. We are excited for him. 😊

    2. I sent the information about the elder to Daniel. Via text