Monday, August 3, 2015

Patience is a virtue.. but I thought I already learned Patience!

Hello family and friends! What a week. We have been working our butts off! Literally my butt just fell off that is how hard we have been working. It kind of feels like I've done a thousand and one squats because of all of the walking we have been doing. I think I have walked more this last week than my last three transfers in Albi. But it is a huge blessing. Along with finding new amis to teach, we are going to have buns of steel. 

Baptism of Mathias which is the son of the branch President.

Our car is completely broken now. The entire electrical system is dysfunctional.  We have a rendezvous for it on Wednesday. We shall see if it will be fixed. I think it is like the alternator or something. 

So…unfortunately we haven't been able to see any of our amis this week. We are in contact with them like everyday though. Brigitte really, really misses us and we miss her! But this week we should be able to see her. 

Eda is still on the island near Madagascar. Her sister actually passed away. She is sad but she knows she is in a better place. Keep her in your prayers though! 

Porting with Julia

We went porting with Julia in her town, Carmaux! There were some really nice people! Julia is a great missionary! It made porting a really fun experience because every time a crazy person came out I just imagined what Julia was thinking and I would try not to laugh. 

We went on exchange with the Rodez elders! Elder Keller and I stayed in Albi. We have been in the Albi branch for the same amount of time. It was awesome. We had a good time. 

Exchange with Keller

We also found a huge african family that we are going to baptize! I hope! We should see them this week :) 

This week I've realized how patience isn't something that you learn once and then you can just check it off your list of Christ-like attributes to learn. To be honest, last week I was on the point of just freaking out and sitting down in the street and waiting until someone just falls out of the sky and says "I want to be baptized!". We have been finding single woman after single woman to teach (Elders can not go to teach single women with out a ward member with them) and we have zero members that live in Albi that can help us and I just didn't understand as to why Heavenly Father would let us be finding people that we can't even teach. In my prayers I asked Him why. Why why why. I had so a woe is me attitude it was terrible. UNTIL I was studying in the institute manual and I read this quote by James A Maxwell which says...

"When we are unduly impatient with an omniscient God's timing, we really are suggesting that we know what's best. Strange, isn't it.. We who wear wrists watches seek to counsel Him who oversees cosmic clocks and calendars". 

And suddenly I realized how prideful and impatient I was being. My answer was a big fat smack in the face and I realized I needed to repent! I believe God to be all powerful and all knowing so why would I question my circumstances? I had lost perspective of God's timing and was too focused on mine. 

I am so grateful for the trials that we have in this life. Whether they come to us because of our wrong choices, the choices of others, complete randomness or something planned that God puts in our path because every single time I come out with a stronger testimony of His love. He loves us enough even to the point of allowing bad things to happen to us so that we can develop and become more like Him. 

I love you! 
Que Dieu vous garde! 

Elder Johnson

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