Friday, October 25, 2013

The Long Goodbye

I think we now know the meaning of a "long goodbye".  We started out with Cameron speaking in church on October 13, 2013 and a mini farewel after church.

A week later we had our "Last Day In Arkansas for Two Years" open house on Oct 20, 2013
It was quite and emotional day saying goodbye to friends.  I should have taken more photos but my eyes were to wet to see through a lens.  

On our way to Utah we stopped in Thorton Colorado to visit Daniel and Jen (Aunt and Uncle) and kids (cousins).  They made us breakfast and we were able to have a nice visit.   It was really good to be able to see them and the kids, especially in their new home.

Once we arrived in Utah we had several lunch dates with more family and friends.  I don't think we ate lunch one time at my mom's house.  

Then came the "See You In Two Years" open house, Oct 25, 2013.  Lots of good food and laughs.  

Thanks to everyone who came to say goodbye and support Cameron.  We know not everyone that wanted to come could make it and we know of your love and support as well.  Thank you!  

I will say that long goodbyes are pretty exhausting.  Shweew!  

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