Monday, November 10, 2014

A Taser?!

Well, we received transfer calls and Elder LaPointe and I are staying together here in Marseille! I'm not too surprised. Except, Elder LaPointe started his mission in Marseille and hasn't moved yet so he will probably be leaving next transfer... You don't hear of missionaries staying in their "birth ville" for such a long time. 

The elder in the middle is being transferred
Something interesting about this next transfer is that it is only going to be four weeks long (normally they are six weeks) but because of how the transfer dates fell, they were too close to Christmas and didn't want missionaries coming in or going out so close to Christmas. BUT, after this transfer there will be an 8-week transfer, so pray that I love whomever I am with at that moment ;)

This week has been a really good week. Nothing really in particular has happened but it was a solid week. We were able to teach a lot. We have been teaching here in Marseille more than anywhere else during my mission, by a lot. It is pretty cool. 

Hinaiti-This weekend we should have a baptism for sure! There aren't any stake or ward activities to mess with the date. It was announced in sacrament and everything. It is going to be so cool. 

Ever since Hinaiti and Henry have gotten married, she has been SO much more pleasant to be around. Not that she wasn't nice before but she doesn't fight with Henry as nearly as much and she really is just so full of happiness every time we see her now. I've said this before but one of my favorite things about my mission is being able to see how the gospel changes the lives of others. It is absolutely incredible.  I love it. 

Samuel- Samuel is starting to progress a lot more rapidly now. He is reading the Book of Mormon on his own and he is coming to church every Sunday. The only problem at this moment is that he is super busy with a thing called a stage. It is like shadowing someone's job and working with them for a week or two. Anyway, we can only see him once a week but he has promised to see us more as soon as he has more time. Which will be in like a week or two. I really feel like he is going to get baptized. Maybe not by us here in France but whether it is in France or Haiti I'm happy. 

Bakloy- She is the wife of a member and comes to church and pretty much is a member but isn't baptized. Our ward mission leader calls her a "membre sèche" which means "dry member" lol. She is fun to teach because she loves the church already. She wants to eventually get sealed to her husband and children in the temple! She just doesn't want to leave her church at the moment. 

So... For an old woman walking the streets of Marseille at night, it can be dangerous. Marseille is a big city and not everyone on the street has the best intentions.

So, Elder LaPointe and I are just walking the Prado (famous street in Marseille) contacting everyone that we see. It is starting to get a little dark but not that dark when I contact an older woman. When I am initially talking to her, she is acting kind of funny and I don't feel at ease talking to this old woman of all people. Anyway, she starts backing up a little as she is talking to me, pauses, and then advances...

Anyway, we keep talking and she isn't that interested but she is happy that we talked to her and then she pulls her hand out of her pocket and says, "Well, I don't have need of this!" And it was LITERALLY A CHARGED TASER! She was like, "You never know about people here in Marseille...!" YOU DON'T SAY?! Little old lady with a taser. I could have been tazed by an old lady with a taser. I was freaking out. I laughed SO hard when I realized that at the beginning of the conversation she was contemplating tazing me. HA. I lucked out. If I had gotten tazed, that would have been a story... 

After she turned off her taser she said  "You are young, your are beautiful... save your skins!" HA crazy lady. 


That is it for this week! OH! No it isn’t, so a couple weeks back our Ward mission leader bet us that we couldn't get ten amis to church between the two equips of elders. He said if we could, then he would take us out to eat wherever we wanted. Well, we got 10 amis to church and he bought us all you can eat Chinese. This place was class too. Holy freak. I ate so much. It was hard for me to work for the rest of the day.

I love you and hope everything is well across the pond!
Fiez vous au Seigneur!
Je vous aime!

Elder Johnson

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