Monday, January 6, 2014


D'accord! Bonjour ma famille et mes amis! 
This week has gone by so fast! Probably the fastest yet! It is pretty crazy how you wake up one day and realize that seven days have gone by! 

Bonne année tout le monde! Really, we didn't really do anything on New Years except go back to the apartment early because there were crazy people everywhere outside. Another equip (companionship of Elders) came over and stayed at our apartment because they didn't have any power in their apartment.  

We went to bed at normal time but I didn't fall asleep until at least 11:30 because of the party downstairs. We could hear all of the music perfectly. Really, we could have had a dance party that is how loud it was. I woke up at 12 to the people screaming the countdown... It was quite the night. 

I fell back asleep only to wake up to Miley Cyrus singing Wrecking Ball... bahaha. I made the incorrect assumption that the party ended at midnight... The next day was a struggle. 

But the New Year is a great time to make goals! Since starting my mission I've made so many goals. Some are tiny but some are much more larger. Goals with the language, with myself personally, with my mission, and goals for after my mission. If you want to accomplish something, written goals are the first step. 

Okay... So I was having a bad day. It had been raining all day, I was tired (because of the music) and two of our rendezvous turned into tombezvous (they fell through) Anyway... We were headed back to our appartment and I was so ready to be in dry clothes and eat some food. 
DISCLAIMER, IF YOU LIKE ACCORDIANS STOP READING NOW. So as I close my eyes to just relax this accordian starts blaring right next to my ear. Honestly, I wanted to take this mans accordian and throw it into the path of the metro. Luckily we change metro lines and leave the man.
AS THE DOORS OF THE METRO ARE CLOSING he jumps through and starts playing his accordian again. AND he starts yelling this Romanian song to accompany his evil instrument. 
I was beginning to actually hate this man when I started to look around at the people on the metro. And honestly it seemed like everyone was enjoying it but me. Normally on the metro everyone looks like they are about to kill themselves... But people were acually smiling! 

Despite my hate for the accordian and Romanian music, I was grateful that he could put a smile on a few people's faces. This experience, as painful as it was, reminded me to not let myself get grumpy. haha

He has changed in some ways but he is still Cameron. lol

This week the Lyon Zone had a competition! It was called Kings of Lyon. Basically, key indicators had points attached to them. and whoever had the most at the end of the day would be crowned "Kings of LYON"! There were also Waldo's you had to find contacting: A rugby player, An asian girl with a Hello Kitty, and A Mexican with a Mustache. At one point I contacted these asians girls like this "Do you know Jesus Chirst?" No? Okay... Do you know Hello Kitty? bahaha. It was pretty funny. 

The day was an absolute blast. We contacted so many people and taught quite a few lessons. Oh! There were also words that if you had used all of them in contacts by the end of the day that your points would be doubled. The words were: Nelson Mandela, Elder Gruber (assistant), Fox, Monkey, Cheese Burger, Me gusta, Stapler, Head band, dougnuts. and paper airplane. 

It made for some funny contacts. Surprisingly, people were more open to you when you used weird words and made a joke out of it. 

Anyway! Guess who won the kings of Lyon? ELDER JOHNSON AND ELDER SCHNEIDER :)
haha. We pretty much steamrolled all of the other equips.. We are supposed to get a prize but Im not entirely sure if there is actually a prize. 

So! All of our amis are doing well! Two of them have a baptismal date for the 25th of January!
One of them is progressing very quickly. He is really putting the dots together by himself. Through this ami in particular I've realized how the meek are going to inherit the earth like the scriptures say. This ami is not very well educated and he reads really slowly.. but he said he LOVED how simple the Livre de Mormon is. 

The meek are going to inherit the earth because they are humble enough to accept the gospel. Through his little blurp about the simplictiy of the Book of Mormon I had a total "AH HA!" moment. It was pretty cool. 

It amazes me how willing people are to change their lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ so powerful. Once people feel the Holy Ghost and remember how it made them feel, they do everything they can to please Heavenly Father... so that they can continue to have spiritual experiences. 

The Apartment 

So... I have gained 2.5 kilos.. Just to let you know. The holidays have caught up with me. hahah

I swear I bring the inappropriate-ness out of old women... We were serving this Seour who can't come to church because she isn't mobil enough. When we were done she invited us to come over for dinner so she could see my beau visage .. bahaha. "HANDSOME FACE"

I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon since starting it in the MTC! I'm in chapter 21 of 3 Nephi! It's like one of the best parts. 

Anyway! That's it for this week! I love you all! I appreciate your love and support! 

Avec amour beaucoup.
Elder Johnson


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