Monday, December 30, 2013


Salut ma famille et mes amis! 

So much has happened this week! And I forgot to make a notecard of all of the things... So I hope I dont forget anything. But I will try hard to remember. 

Christmas in France has been awesome! The membres of the Church really know how to take care of the missionaries. On Christmas Eve we made cookies to take to members. After we ran out of cookies we headed to our dinner appointment (Which started at around six). This was at the Bonamys' House. They are such a cool member family. I need to get a picture with them. Anyway, we ate a huge meal.. with had like five or six courses. We had permission to stay out until 11PM... so we ate for five hours and went home. THe Bonamys ending up giving us a huge bag of chocolates and a tie. They are too nice. 

Christmas day we had appointments ALL day! So we had a breakfast appointment with Elder and Sister Clark. They invited all of the Lyon missionaries to there appartment. I was starving in the morning but the sisters told me to not eat much because the member that we had a lunch appointment with told her "My goal is to kill you". Let me tell you, she almost succeeded. She made SO SO SO Much food. We had ten courses of food. Holy cow. It was all so good. The struggle was to know how much you could eat in each course. Because you don't know how many courses are left and it is all good! bahaha. I made the mistake of assuming there was only one dessert course. My mistake. HA. 

I had the opportunity to skype as well! Which was so nice! I'm glad I got to see yall! You all look great. After I hung up, I was just overwhelmed with how much I love my family and how wonderful it is to have the support that I do. 

I thought I would add this photos of Elder Johnson skyping with his Great Grandpa.  Times have sure changed since his Grandfather's kids went on a mission.  They were just happy to get a hand written letter once a week. 

After Skype we had a DINNER appointment. This is when I almost died. After this meal I had to sit a certain way or else I literally couldn't breathe. I weighed myself afterwards and I had gained 2 kilos. haha

This week I almost bisou'ed a member. You know where you do the kiss on both cheeks. But it was TOTALLY her fault. Bahaha. I laughed SO HARD. It was nice to have some spice in my life...I mean she is like 60 but beggers can't be choosers. It was her fault because she had just done it to the sisters and reached for my shoulder to do it so I was like.. Okay.. I guess this is okay? bahaha. Luckily she realized what she was doing. Otherwise I would have lost the companionship of the Spirit for at least the whole week. ;)

Alright! So we don't have any new Amis but the ones we are teaching are progressing wonderfully! Two of them have come to church twice! Which means they can baptized this transfer if they come this next week! They have been prepared by God to hear the gospel. It is amazing. ve
Antoine is white and about 50. He loves church and has accepted the invitation to be baptized on January 16th as long as he receives an answer from the Spirit that it is true. 

Ma francais est ca va. My comprehension abilities have grown drastically just since being here. Speaking is slower but I am really starting to get the hang of it . The trick is to be confident that you understand what everyone is speaking to you. Reply like you know what they asked and if it was the wrong answer they will look at you funny and ask again. haha. 

Apparently my accent is pretty darn good! People tell me that they can barely hear my accent and that I speak well for only being here for three weeks. They usually guess that I am from the North of France near Germany. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. 

I haven't said anything really stupid! Which is good! A member told me last Christmas eve dinner they had an Italian elder with them and that he meant to say something about how good the meal was by taking an Itailian phrase and translating it into French but he ending up saying "ITCHY BUTT!" bahaha Oh gosh. 

I meant to share a cool scripture I read this week but I forgot my dumb notecard and what I felt about it so I will have to share it next week! 

The gospel is such a blessing. I was thinking the other day "What would I be doing right now if I decided to not go on a mission?" Without the gospel, I'm not sure where I would be, but I know that I would not be as happy, as healthy, or as blessed as I am now. 

That is it for this week! I'm sorry I didn't write as much as I could have! I love you all! Have a Happy NEW YEAR! Make some goals and achieve them! Goal setting is SO important. Don't write down crazy things. Just do little things to GET you to the big things. 

Je vous aime~
Avec Amour,
Elder Johnson

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