Monday, February 10, 2014

Guess What I Ate This Week?!

Nope this is not what he was referring to in his title. 

Ma cher famille et mes amis,

This week has been better than the last! Which wasn't hard for that to be but still, it was better! :) 

So, for this week! What has happened? I ate something that is very expensive... but that is for later!

Our friends of the church (amis) are still being a little hard to see so we have really been trying to find people like crazy to expand our teaching pool to people who are more serious. We have had some great success finding genuine people! This week is looking good :) 

This week we had a lot of appointments fall through but they turned into opportunities to find people and to uplift the members! One appointment we had arranged a Frere Girard (another church member) to come with us because our amie was a girl... She called us and told us she wasn't going to come so we went to the boulangerie and bought pastries and ate it with him and talked about his family. 

Our ami that was supposed to be baptized this week couldn't be baptized because he hasn't come to church consistently enough. But I think he will eventually get baptized. It's just that his darn job is during church. But! I think everything will work out. 

We also went over to Yoyo's on Monday for dinner and ate something pretty exotic! 

Well, let's just say I'm not an expert in French yet. That was manifested when after teaching this man for about thirty minutes I asked him if it would be easier to meet with him at his house and he replied in English "I don’t have a house." Which was rather awkward because apparently he told us three times he didn't have a house... so, trying to change the subject I asked how long he had been married to find out that he has been divorced for several years... which apparently he told us several times. Honestly, speaking French and understanding French are two completely different things. 

So! As a goal, we have as a companionship have decided it would be good to have days that are completely in French. Which has been great for me but somehow I say a bunch of bad words really loud. I think it is a gift of mine. But really, it isn't my fault. If you put too much emphasis on certain continents of words you say a bad word instead of a perfectly normal word. I was trying to say cat and said something not so nice... Who knew? 

I bet you want to know what I ate…

Nothing much has happened this week (just a LOT of contacting), so I will just tell you some weird things about France! 
-When you start talking to someone on the street they literally jump back in fear, as if you are a ghost or something like that.
-The Toilets are fancy here. I'm pretty sure its like everywhere else in Europe but you have two options of flushing... the little flush for things liquid and the big flush for things solid. hahaha
-You know how at the end of the meeting when there is an apostle or prophet there you wait to stand up until the presiding authority does. Well! They do the exact same thing here with the bishop (a bishop is like your pastor for the Mormon congregation in that area)! No one stands up after church until he does! It is pretty cool. Sometimes I forget though and I awkwardly walk two steps and hurry and sit down when I realize what I have done. 
-The French love to use filler words. There are a billion of them too. Completely useless. It's like saying like every like five like minutes. But in French they say "quoi" at the end of things... Just because they feel like it. haha

OH! I ate something weird... I almost forgot about it. Hahaha. So, I ate African Tree Maggots with rice! They were actually good too! My favorite part was the head. They tasted sweet. It was really scary at first but after the first one I dug into them. Hahaha. Apparently they are super expensive, 1000 Euros for a kilo... which, is about 2.2 lbs. It was a great honor to eat them... No sarcasm at all! Seriously. 

That is it for this week! As weird and hard as France can be sometimes, I couldn't be happier. I know I am where the Lord wants me and I am doing what he wants me to be doing. How can I not be happy knowing that?

I love you alllll! You're the best!
Avec Amour,
Elder Johnson 

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