Monday, March 24, 2014


From left to right: Toky (ward mission leader), Annick, Me, Rachelle, Bishop Ngavet, and Elder Du Pre

Hello everyone! This week has been fantastic! Mostly because we baptized someone! :D 

So! We planned on two baptisms for this week (Rachelle and Annick) but only ended up having one. Annick told us she felt like she needed to prepare a little more before she made the decision. Which is good that she is taking it so seriously.  

But let's talk about the baptism that happened! So, Rachelle decided it was time to get baptized! The service was a little crazy but good. The baptismal font takes a really, really long time to fill up so by the time that it had, the water was absolutely freezing. We tried dumping hot water into it to make it a little better but it was of no use. 

After the actually baptism was performed we expected to sing at least four hymns before they changed into dry clothes because normally it takes a long time but I think because the water was so frigid that that they changed super fast! Ha ha

Annick was looking over the program and she said "Rachelle is the star today." And I told her, she is the star today but you’ll be the star very soon. She smiled and was like.  Yeah, soon. So we should have at least one more baptism in this transfer. I have never felt more joy for someone else. To see someone improve their life and have more happiness is something beyond incredible. After the service was over we ate cookies and drank sparkling apple cider. It was quite magical. 

We have been teaching a lot! Probably more than I have ever taught. 
Gwenael is back from spring break! Which is a relief. We have pushed his baptismal date back a little and are praying that he will recognize his answer about the Book of Mormon. He has a great desire to learn and come unto Christ. 

We also have been teaching a man named Roberto! He is SO LEGIT! I contacted him last transfer and gave him a pass-a-long card. He didn't give us his number and was like "I’ll call you!", which usually means you will never see them ever again. But he called us! After our first rendezvous he was like... yeah, the Book of Mormon is true and I want to be baptized. HA! Okay, if you want.... ;D The only sad thing about this awesome story is that he lives in Ecully ward boundaries so we had to pass him to the sisters. Somehow he was getting taught by both of our equips without us knowing. He really likes meeting with the missionaries. 

This week we hope to make contact with Solange, because she is golden. We have a lot of amis who have told us that they will be more available to meet with in April so fingers crossed! 

Playing games at a church members house.

This week we went over to the Bishops house and helped him with his lawn. He recently sowed grass and it was growing well but there were thistles that started to grow so we took our little gardening spades and went to work. It took a really, really long time but it was a nice change of work. After we had pulled all the weeds and rocks out of the yard we tilled the spots without grass and planted more. 

Elder Du Pre his 6’8” companion who is from Orem Utah.

Our bishop is so cool! He and his wife buy Dr. Pepper just for the missionaries. Which really is a great service, as most French people hate Dr. Pepper. They say it tastes like medicine. 

This week guess where we get to go for Zone Conference?! GENEVA! Woot woot! I'm super excited to see the Swiss. 

Anyway... that is about it for this week! Not a ton happened, but what did was awesome! I never ceased to be amazed at the love that God has for His children.

I love you all! 

Avec Amour,

Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson wrote this about this photo: “Hahahaha. The one with the French couple walking romantically behind me is definitely a favorite. I laugh so hard when I see it.” 

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