Monday, March 17, 2014


I can't believe I am already writing you guys again! This week has flown by. I've said this before but it is absolutely amazing how the time has started to pass recently. A lot has happened this week! Let's start with all the random things that happened this week.

It is definitely spring here! The weather is so nice. It is nice to see the sky and not have to carry an umbrella everywhere you go. However, the pollution here right now is SUPER bad. It seemed like it was overcast all day but it was actually just smog. All public transportation was free for a couple of days. Luckily it has cleared up now. 

So! We were contacting this nice woman from the Martinique Island in the Caribbean and this random Arab guy about 45 years old rides up on this bike and says Hi in French but then switches into English to say as many random American-icons he can think of "NEW YORK! APPLE PIE! GEORGIA BUSH! OBAMMMMAHHHH! BASEBALL!" We all start laughing super hard which then prompts him to start speaking German and act like a Nazi doing hand motions and everything. After he ran out of German he pulled open his jacket and poked himself in the chest, made a fake trumpet noise and peddled off. He was the highlight of my day. It also helped us with our contact! The woman gave us her number! 

So! Solange for sure gets back on Tuesday of this week! Hopefully we will be able to set up a rendezvous with her and get her baptized :) 
Gwenael unfortunately has not returned from his vacation. I'm beginning to get a bit worried for him because his phone just goes to voicemail. If you haven't noticed a cycle yet, whenever our amis go on vacation bad things always happen. BUT! I think everything will work out. Hopefully we will make contact with him this week.
I haven't talked a long time about Sylvain and Omelia but they are doing well. We haven't been able to teach them because Sylvain has to go to Belgium to work each week and Omelia is super pregnant. After the birth of the baby he will get a lot of time off from work and we should be able to see them again. They really want to meet with us.. they are just too busy or pregnant. 
We also have a new amie named Vickie! She is super cool.. I haven't met her aside from the first contact with her (When she was taught I was on an exchange) but she called us the other night and said "Hey so I read the Book and it's the truth... and I showed it to my dad and he said it was the truth but he said he was too old to change... But anyway, I'm going to get baptized." Pretty darn cool. 

At the moment we are still searching for more amis. *Short French lesson. 
If a friend is a girl then you spell it amie.
If a friend is a boy then you spell it ami.
If it is plural and a mixture of boys and girls then you spell it amis.
If it is just girls then you spell it amies. 

VOILA this is why French makes me crazy sometimes :) 

So, I have something really, really cool to share... If you don't read anything else READ THIS PART BELOW! 

In one of our rendezvous with Annick (one of the two sisters I have talked about) shared something with us that I will probably never forget. A little background information--Annick is from Cote d'Ivoire and aside from her sister, is alone in France. When she came to France she had to leave her son (who is about 2ish). Anyway, the day of our rendezvous she gets a call from one of her friends telling her that her son has disappeared. They can't find him anywhere... (Not sure how this happens but apparently it does). Annick was super worried and didn't know what to do. After laying back on the couch she sees the Book of Mormon on the coffee table and picks it up. She reads a little and then says a prayer afterwards asking Heavenly Father that "if this book is true, you will hear my prayer and my son will be found." After her prayer she fell asleep on the couch. She then had a dream. In her dream she was walking through a field and saw a great and beautiful building. As she was looking at the building she heard someone tell her "This is all for you." After that she woke up to the phone ringing to find out that her son had been found. 

When we first began teaching Annick she was very against the idea of the Book of Mormon. We prayed so much for her heart to be softened. And as we continued to teach her, the spirit testified to her of its truthfulness. The pinnacle of this being her dream. The Lord and his tender mercies never cease to prick the very depths of my soul. Miracles are a very real thing. 

Guess what guys? We are on track to have two baptisms this week! It was announced in church in everything. Annick and Rachelle has decided to be baptized. They are so excited for it! In the short time that I have been serving my mission, I have planned a lot of baptismal dates but none of them have felt this real. Please keep them in your prayers! :D 

That is all for this week. I love you all. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you but I couldn't be happier. The Lord is truly hastening His work and preparing people to hear the Restored Gospel. 
Je vous aime!
Avec Amour,

Elder Johnson

PS Oh btw... On my address it is important to put Les Missionnaires on the top and then my name and then the address.

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