Monday, May 5, 2014


Alrighty! Well this week was wonderful! Much better than last week, as the sun has returned to the sky. I was worried it had disappeared completely. But anyway!

This week we had Zone Conference in Bordeaux, which was awesome. It was super special because it was also an interview tour, which means that I got to talk to president Roney all by myself! Just me and him! hahah. I really do love him. I am always amazed at how inspired he is. He is a really neat person. I could talk to him for hours but you can't do that because there are several other missionaries that want to talk with him.

At zone conference we talked about how we are going change how the mission functions a lot! We talked about training fleas and how as you put fleas in a jar with a lid and leave then there for three days undisturbed it "teaches" them that they can only jump as high as the lid was--even when you dump them out of the jar and that the offspring of those fleas will only be able to jump as high as the lid was. 

The reason for talking about training fleas is this: The Paris and Madrid Missions baptizes a lot more people than us and president feels that there is an artificial lid over the mission that we need to take off. President Roney outlined how we were going to do that and it really got me pumped up! So that was cool.  

This week we also did lots of service! My favorite of the week though, had to be when we were contracted to remove a stump from the ground. Yes, a stump... So we took our shovels and axes and went to work! Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to leave... we probably got about halfway done with it, if that. But this week we are returning to finish the job. 

After we did service for the Bontrons and their stump, we cleaned up, ate lunch at their house and went door to door with them! They are pretty bold in sharing the gospel. Apparently they do this every year with the missionaries and their neighbors. They are so funny. They are an older couple, probably in their 70’s and they haven't slowed down yet!

We also helped a young man in our ward named Gael with his English homework. It was fun and it really helped me with French because you go over vocab in both languages :) A funny moment out of that... we were trying to get him to remember what the word "thing" meant and he guesses that it means "mushroom" lolol. After we told him what it was he was like, “They are practically the same thing!” Too funny. 

Our amis our doing well! Juan Antonio was super busy this week so we only got to see him once! But the good news is, is that he has found a job! :D Good for him. I'm excited for him. It is really hard to teach him and I don't understand anything that he says but I really do love him. 

Zaraya is wonderful as always... 

We have a new ami named Bertrice. She is in a unique situation because she was a member of the church but decided that she didn't want to be involved with the church but is NOW coming back! We teach her with her husband (who is a member) and they talked to the Branch President and she should be baptized on the 31st of May! 

So, in Sunday school it was combined this Sunday and they were talking about tithing. Soeur Bontron raised her hand and said that she is talking medication that makes her have the urges to gamble so if she doesn't have the money to pay tithing that is why, so everyone is laughing or whatever and then Frere Bontron raises his hand and says "It also makes her frisky!" bahaha. Really? In Sunday school? Okay then. haha

"Sacrifice isn't loss. It is merely preparing for something better!"

This week's crazy person is a woman, who I believe was taught by the missionaries before but I'm not entirely sure. She is very, very crazy so it is hard to tell. We were walking down the street and she yells at us and calls us "ELDERS!" she then talks about how she knows the musique (music) of our church and how she doesn’t like it because she likes musique without words.

After we stopped talking to her and as she was walking away she would turn to us every two steps and say something, continue to walk, turn around and say something.. bahaha. Oh, Bergerac... Land of Wine and Crazy French People. 

GUESS WHAT! NEAL L. ANDERSON IS COMING TO OUR MISSION IN JUNE! haha. I'm so excited! The mission is trying to get everyone to go see him but they aren't sure if it is possible because it is going to be in Nice and that isn't very central…but we will see! 

I also started the Book of Mormon in French! I have the goal to finish it by the end of the year! :) 

That is it for this week! I love you all and hope all is well! Trust the Lord and thank Him for his tender mercies! 

Avec amour,
Elder Johnson

We were going to help them pluck chickens too but we ran out of time…too bad ;)

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