Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello everyone! Transfer calls have come and gone and looks like I'm staying in Bergerac for another transfer! Elder Sanchez is staying too! I can't believe it has been a full six weeks in Bergerac... but it has! 

District meeting

This week I had the opportunity to go on an exchange in Brive! It takes a long time to get there. We wake up at around five so we can catch the first bus to Périgueux and then catch a train to Brive. The exchange was really fun! I got to go with Elder Martinez (he is from Spain). As we were contacting someone this man from across the street in a cafe yelled "GO OMMME YU DIRTYY AMERICANS!" 

I would have been mad, but I was so particularly impressed with this French man's use of the word "dirty" that I had to just wave and smile. 

The day after our exchange we had district meeting. President wants us to be prepare spiritually for hearing Elder Andersen, so each equip of Elders was assigned a talk of his and gave a brief summary of it. 

It just made me more excited to hear Elder Andersen in Nice. I'm beginning to realize how fortunate I am to have this opportunity! Wooo! :) 

On our way home from the exchange, we stopped in the town where our Branch President lives. President Raveneau and his wife are so awesome! He served his mission in New Caladonia and was telling us that he got to wear a lava lava (those Hawaiian skirt things) to church! Lucky duck. Hahaha

Right before we left their house we had a prayer by their son Ethan (he is like three or four) and he farted so loud during it. bahaha. I thought: “Holy cow... I am in the United States right now... saying family prayer.” Oh the things that remind me of my family ;) The Raveneaus were like "Yep... this is our family!" hahaha. What a family they have :) 

Mother’s day activity

So! We needed to figure out what the weather was going to be for the week but forgot to check on Monday so we decided to drop by a member's house and ask her... well! As we passed there was a huge dinner going on with lots of members and when she saw us she was like "COME IN AND EAT!" So we got a second dinner just for stopping by to ask for the weather! The Lord looks out for His missionaries ;)

Our amis are doing wonderful! Juan Antonio has decided to live the Word of Wisdom and continue to prepare for baptism. We have been able to see him a LOT more often now. He seems like he is changing. I'm really happy about it. We think he will be baptized the 14th of June! 

Zoraya is also doing really well. We have restarted the missionary lessons with her just to give her a little refresh before she gets baptized. I hope I am still here for that! I think that it is only this transfer and the next away! So it is very possible!  

Beatrice is also doing really well. She has had quite a few trials come up this week but she is pushing forward strong and hard. Every time we go in for the lessons she has practically memorized the pamphlets. :) 

I forgot to do one last week, I'm so sorry! Anyway, the crazy person of the week THIS week is "BANSHEE OF BERGERAC" It is this woman that walks around Bergerac ... she is probably like 50-60 and at random moments she screams bloody murder and then just continues to go about her normal business like she hasn't just screamed like a psycho maniac. 
So yeah... crazy person of the week.

So! As we were walking home yesterday from a rendezvous that we had been 15 minutes late to, a woman at a gas station waves her hands at us to come over. Well, seeing that that doesn't happen very often we quickly walked over there! Turns out, she is a less active of about 20 years! She said she had moved to France from New Caladonia and kind of just fell away from the church but she made a promise to her sister that the next time that she saw the missionaries that she would talk to them to get the address to the church!

I'm also so amazed that things like this happen! I shouldn't be, I should expect miracles but what if we had been to our rendezvous on time? We wouldn't have gotten out 15 minutes later and thus, we wouldn't have seen this woman! 

The Lord orchestrates everything good in our lives. It is important to not forget that. 

That is it for this week! I love you! 
Que Dieu vous benisse!

Elder Johnson

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