Monday, April 6, 2015

Joyeuses Pâques!

Hello family and friends! I can't believe that I am already writing you again. Sometimes when I start writing my email of the week I feel like I am reliving last Monday. It is groundhogs day. Anyway!

This week was fantastic! We were able to get a lot of work in despite of going to Montauban for Zone Interviews and Toulouse for general conference. 

All of our amis are doing pretty well. But some poopy stuff is happening with Axel. So, as I said last week, we weren't able to see him last week because he got super sick because he was trying to stop smoking and all of that stuff or whatever. Anyway, we texted him and asked him if he wanted us to come and give him a blessing. He concurred and we went over, had a lesson and went over and fixed another rendezvous with him. 

Our next rendezvous, we teach him the law of chastity. He accepts it and knows how important it is to keep. The lesson went perfectly. We were a little worried at the beginning but turns he didn't have any major problems. He did tell us that there was this girl that liked him but it wasn't going to be an issue. He said "The church and my baptism are more important than that.” Super cool. UNTIL…

The next day we get a really weird text telling us that it is Axel and that he doesn't want to see us anymore or be baptized and that we are trying to control his life. We were both really shocked just because he has been so willing to make commitments and change to conform with the teachings of the church. We think he may have spoken with the girl and she freaked out and then told him that he shouldn't meet with us anymore. I tried calling him yesterday but he didn't answer, so I sent a text just telling him that we just want what it best for him and that we would like to talk at least one more time. 

We are going to give him some time until we try to contact him again. We both felt impressed to give him some distance. Missionary work is such a rollercoaster. I want SO badly for him to accept the gospel. Not because it gives me attention or makes me think, “Wow, I've been working hard.” but because I know that he will be the happiest he can be in keeping the commandments. :( So just pray for him!

Eda, is doing superb as usual. She still talks SO much in our rendezvous but she is so sweet and ready to get baptized. After general conference, she called me and said "ELDER JOHNSON... Just so you know... I LOVED the conference. I watched it from beginning to end and I LOVED IT!" Pretty sick :) She is super funny. She is progressing well. No dogs and vacuums this week. lol

Brigitte and her daughter, Aurelie are doing fantastic as well! Aurelie went to youth conference and she quit smoking cold turkey! Brigitte is on cloud nine and we are hoping this helps her to stop smoking. She is really making leaps and bounds. I'm excited for her. She is getting closer and closer to stopping. It is neat to see her progress so quickly because of her faith. 

We taught a new person this week! Her name is Mithel! She is Chinese and she was found through calling old numbers in the phone. I called her and she said that she wasn't interested but we had a good conversation but then thirty minutes later she texted and said that she wanted to meet with us! HAHA! Miracle. She was cool. We hope to see her again this week. 

We had zone conference this week! We also had interviews with president. I think that may have been the last time I will be interviewed by president Roney. That made me sad. He leaves so soon. He is down to the final three months. Goodness. 

My interview with president was really good. We didn't really talk about normal things... just because of the situation here in Albi with the branch and if they are going to move it or not. It was a long interview! Probably the longest I have ever talked to president. He is such an inspired man.  I love him. I never imagined my mission president and his wife to be people that would influence my life as much as they have. I was talking to sister Roney and she said that she has been really tired lately because she is already getting sad that they are leaving us so soon. 

Anyway! Conference was so awesome. I think that conference is better as a missionary than a normal citizen. I think it is because you listen to the talks for you but also for other people as well. It is true that the greatest joy we can find is in serving others. The less we think about ourselves the happier we can be! 

We went to Toulouse to watch it because it wasn't going to be broadcasted here. We stayed with the zone leaders the entire time. It was weird being in a large church building but it was nice.

I think my favorite talk (out of the ones that I heard because we didn't get to see the afternoon Sunday session) was the one by President Holland. My favorite line from all of his talk was "Today we celebrate the gift of victory..." It is so profound! Easter truly is a day to celebrate. He is risen and He lives.

That is pretty much it for this week! I love you all! 

Elder Johnson

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