Monday, July 27, 2015

Hmmm, donc, voila quoi, tu vois?

Bonjour a tous! Another week has gone by! We did some pretty cool stuff this week. Still looking for amis... They have all been hiding recently.

The branch had its first activity since I've been here. It was organized by the young women and everyone was invited so we decided to head on up with the Rodez Elders. 

We had planned on staying over at their house the night before because the activity started at 10 and Rodez is a long drive but as we started driving up, our car's power steering went out. Luckily we had only been driving for a few minutes outside of Albi when it happened. So… we need to get that fixed this week. 

Anyway, we ended up taking a train to Rodez and then riding with Frere Pascalin (1st counselor) to the lake with the Rodez Elders. We get in the car and he says... “Elders, I'm really sorry but I'm super tired and if I don't listen to music I'm going to fall asleep”...(my eye lol) and so we listened to Reggae music all the way to the lake. He had Adele but remixed into Reggae. l will admit that I didn't not enjoy it.:) 

The activity was super fun! We just ate on the beach and played games. It was a little rowdy though because there was a sand volleyball tournament going on at the same time. It kind of had the feeling of Ragnar but with lots of alcohol but they all had costumes and team names and stuff. haha 

One of the games we played was Loups-Garous "Werewolf". It is kind of like Mafia but a little bit more complicated. We played several rounds and I got killed like every time. All of the young women would accuse me of being the werewolf and the village would vote to kill me. haha 

One of the bad things about the activity was that everyone got super sunburned. Luckily I'm already kind of brown and just got a little pink on my nose and cheeks. Elder Steadman's feet got destroyed. haha 


We were able to see Brigitte two times this week! I wish we would have been able to visit her more but then our car broke. I don't understand why all of these little things happen all at once. It is so stinking annoying. It's so hard to not get frustrated and shake your fists in the air but I'm just kind of rolling with the punches at this point. I just laugh and pretend to not get mad and then a magic thing happens where I don't get mad. 

But anyway…Brigitte! She is doing pretty well! We talked to her about fasting this week (because she doesn't see how it could help her) and so we know that it would build her faith if she did it. We really want to do a branch fast with her to help her stop smoking. After our lesson, she said she would pray to know as to when she wants to do it. 

Her daughters have really calmed down and things are getting more stable. Prayer works! :) 

Eda called us on Monday and told us that she was taking a plane to L'ile Maurice (island near Madagascar) that was leaving in an hour. Apparently her sister had to have an emergency operation and so Eda was like, “I’m leaving. I don't know when I will get back”. Luckily though she was able to call us with her phone from where she was. She should be getting back at the end of this month. The operation went well and her brother (who was less active) is going to go back to church now! I talked with him on the phone and he said sometimes bad things need to happen in our lives to help us realize how important God actually is. I was happy to talk to him and be able to encourage him to go back to church :) 

As for the search of the amis... It is still a work in progress. We prayed a lot this week to have inspiration to know as to where we should go to do porting and contacting and it seems to be working. We found a few really nice potentials there. The problem is that they are all women and we don't have anyone to teach with us. Frere Millet is super sick and won't be able to help us until late September... D: It is really unfortunate. Luckily we have a new family moving in this week :) 

Well! Because I'm not second counselor anymore they made me District Leader! I'm excited to work with everyone in the district. The district got rearranged to where we now we have Albi, Capitole Sisters, Capitole Chinese, Zone Leaders, and Rodez. This district is a lot bigger than my last one where I was district leader. It's going to be a blast. 

Hmmm…I was thinking about our car breaking and I think it is maybe so we can walk around everywhere and talk to more people. :) Blessing in disguise? 

I got my flight plans for my travels back to Arkansas... I was looking at them and it doesn't even seem real to me. President Brown told me that there are still people out there waiting to be found by me... I’ve got to find them! :) 

Voila! C'est tout pour cette semaine! 
Je vous aime :) 

Elder Johnson

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