Monday, November 11, 2013

Feeling A Calm

It seemed like the first week Elder Johnson was a bit wound up, running around like a squirrel on caffeine.  This week I feel a calm is starting to come over him or maybe a peace, which I am very grateful for. He is still very busy and learning a lot in a short amount of time but seems to being "going with it".  Now we can all breath out slowly and read his latest letter.

Alright! So I'm going to type as fast as I can because I have so much to say! Holy cow. 

1. When I said that the date had changed to November 12th I meant that it just changed on my address. lol, I'm still leaving the tenth of December.. 29 days from today! :) 
2.  Uhhhh.. That is too hard of a question! I need ties in the following colors: blue, yellow, and green. I hope that helps… lol

So! The language is coming along well. We have SO much time to study it is pretty crazy. Probably six hours a day. Super krayyy. 

I think this Elder is learning French through the dream method. 

I haven't go to San Francisco yet. I leave tomorrow for the French Consulate! :) Which will be fun. It was pretty hilarious because I went to go get my voucher for food for the whole day and they gave me a ten dollar bill. lol. Okay then... stingy MTC. I'm also supposed to be ready to leave at 4:30 in the morning. Count your blessings people, count your blessings. I really shouldn't complain because the Elders going to the Paris mission have to poop in a cup and send it somewhere. 

So! Something else super exciting happens tomorrow! L. Tom Perry is coming to speak to us! I'm super excited to hear from him :) I'm pretty darn lucky.

On a more spiritual note! I have a new favorite scripture! It is Alma 7:24. It is so simple yet so powerful! We only need three things to abound in good works! (Mom, you can insert it here.) lol The scriptures is so different here because you read everything looking for things that would help your investigators. 

 " Alma 7:24 And see that ye have afaith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works."

Speaking of which! Our investigator "Melanie" was supposed to fly back to France last friday but ended up becoming our teacher! Haha SUPER SNEAKY MORMONS. I was shocked but happy that they deceived me. If I had known it was a Mormon in investigator's clothing I wouldn't have really put my heart into it. It was also extremely funny to hear what we said on accident. I accidentally thanked Heavenly Father for his wardrobe instead of love... bahaha.

I have a calling too! You are now associated with Branch #46D sacrament coordinator. I'm trying to not let all the power go to my head. In my interview with the Branch President he told he felt impressed to call me as DL but he realized I already had the leadership ability to do so. That was pretty cool. Our Branch President is very inspired. After about five minutes in an interview with him, he asked me "Can I ask you to do something?" of course I said yes. He then said "You need to repent of being a perfectionist." It totally shocked me! But I didn't get mad. I genuinely appreciated what he was telling me. He talked from personal experience about how perfectionism is good sometimes but it can lead to being to harsh on yourself and on others. It was really cool though because I hadn't spoken once about myself and he knew me. 

I've come to realize I don't understand the Atonement as much as I thought I did. I need to rely more on the Lord and less on myself. ANYWAY! But I've come to realization of how it is of no use to strive for absolute perfection without the Lord in the equation. 

Our zone has three districts but we are getting a new district tomorrow! Half of the new missionaries are going to New Caledonia and the other have are going to Montreal. 

I love my district so much. I'm really going to miss them when we all leave... even though we are serving in the same mission. The German, soeur Reichelt, reminds me SO much of Judith. She is now the STL and has been abusing the power... I made a sarcastic remark directed as her and as she hit me she said "I am the Sister Training Leader, I can hit you when I want." I laughed so hard... she is too funny. 

Here at the MTC, you just have to come to accept the fact that you will be tired for the rest of your mission. There isn't enough time to do anything---especially sleep. 

Sundays are good for rest though... except all the meeting is in French and you are struggling to understand the talks...

Anywayyyy... I love you all & appreciate your letters! 
Avec beaucoup d'amour!
Elder Johnson

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