Monday, November 18, 2013

Bonjour mon famille!

Alright! I never know how to start these letters! I have a little post it note with me all week so I can write things down & I won't forget what to tell you guys! The days seriously blur together. 

First off! 4-SQUARE is my greatest addiction at the moment. It seriously is the best game ever invented... Not football, not baseball, not soccer, or lacrosse but 4-SQUARE. Our district is so competitive it is beyond ridiculous. Everyone wants to be king & sometimes they forget that I am meant to be king. 

We also got a new district in our zone this week! All of the sisters are going to the West Indies and all of the guys are going to Vanewatu (sp), I guess it is a small island near New Zealand. I think they also call it New Caledonia which is French speaking. They are all really quiet. They also seem so much younger than us... Probably because we have been here for so long ;)

San Francisco was awesome! I loved it. It was a really, really long day though. I had to wake up at 3:30 AM to leave for the airport on time. I slept on the bus and the plane. But anyway! We get picked up by this crazy driver at the airport... he was super nice but a very aggressive driver. Apparently he picks up the missionaries all the time because he had two BOM's on his dashboard... lol Probably keeps them there as deterrent. So, our crazy driver friend drops us off at the French Consulate and tells us to call him when we are done... Kid you not, it took 15 minutes for all 15 missionaries to get the stuff done... 15! 

After the French consulate, we still had six or seven hours before our flight left so we called our driver and he took us wherever we wanted to go! :) We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 (which seriously had the best sourdough bread bowls in the whole, wide world. We also went and watched the sea lions for half an hour. 

It was nice to get out of the MTC into the real world. Although, everyone looked at us like we were aliens. It might have been to due to the fact that there were 11 of us... Who knows. 

As fun as San Fran was we missed L. Tom Perry's devotional... Sad day :( I guess those who missed it were just too righteous and didn't need to hear it ;)

The french is coming along nicely! I can bear testimony pretty easily, and I'm really starting to understand them when they respond... I just respond really slow. I really have to think so I get all of the conjugations correct.. The French are SO particular about how things are said.. They actually have a government department that regulates the language... Seriously. 

The French is coming nicely HOWEVER my district is cursed with saying inappropriate things on accident. Here is a sample:
 One elder said that he would like to "I would like to rape you about the gospel"
One elder looked up how to say "Im going to break you!" Which is actually a very vulgar phrase that people shout at you when they see the name tags... lol
I was trying to say "I am excited" but when you use the phrase "Je suis... whatever" you are speaking very literally. So if you say that you are excited, passionate, good, etc... it is VERY literal and sexual... bahaha. Quite embarrassing when you are talking to an investigator.
My companion said as he was leaving the room "I AM ON THE TOILET." bahahaha

Oh, and the word for seal is la foque. Be careful saying that one. 

The cultural differences in my district are hilarious. Especially when it comes to words that mean different things. For example, a lot of swear words here are not British swear words.

I also said that my food was mushy and the German sister thought that it was HILARIOUS but disgusting and inappropriate... She wouldn't tell me what I said.. who knows.

OH! We also practiced tracking with our teacher... and she said "Im not going to be the nice teacher behind the door..."  The first door we opened was slammed as soon as she saw our name tags... the Second door we opened, she had been sleeping and the lights were off.. the third door was opened she was Muslim and wanted to hear more but her husband "Mohammad" wasn't home... The last door we actually got in! 

This poor Elder opened the door to a 4 year old and told her "we have a message that will change your life... SO FUNNY.

I'm so ready to leave for the field! I can't speak french but who cares! The MTC is awesome but I'm getting anxious. They call this place "Spirit Prison" for a reason... 

I love you all! Thank you for the letter's and packages...

Avec amour!
Elder Johnson

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