Monday, November 25, 2013


Guess what guys! I leave in 14 days! Isn't that so exciting?! Je suis tres-haut! 

Soooooo... what has happened this past week? The weeks just blur together. Sometimes I forget what day it is. Pretty pathetic. Anyway!

I am still studying a TON! I don't think I have ever told you about my schedule so let me tell you! We have a 15 hour day. Out of those fifteen hours we are in the studying on one way or another for twelve. Language study, companionship study, personal study, classroom instruction and TALL (language program on the computer). The rest of the time is for eating, working out, and walking places.. haha. It is pretty intense sometimes.. After lunch I always struggle to stay awake when I am studying. Les ecritures est fantastique but they certainly don't wake you up. P-days you don't study as much. We used to go to the temple every Monday morning but it has been closed for renovations... So, today we slept in until 8:00 which was really weird. We aren't going to but an Elder left for Montreal last night (@ 3:00AM) and we woke up to say goodbye. ANYWAY. 

My teachers are super awesome! Frere Frazier served in my mission and has only been back for five or six months. He is super funny. He always says "The gospel is 17% more true in French!" He won't explain why but he said we will realize it once we can read the Livre de Mormon without our english scriptures nearby. I think it is probably because everything you write is at least 17% longer in French. We always make fun of him for being the perfect mormon boy. RM, plays the piano, tall, attending BYU to be a Doctor, speaks French... Hashtag stud.

Soeur Worsham is originally from Tulsa Oklahoma! It is nice being able to talk to another southerner :) She served in the Paris Mission. She is super nice. I don't know if I said this before (Im pretty sure I have) but the first week she didn't teach us because she was pretending to be an investigator from France whom we had to teach. Sneaky Soeur Worsham. She always talks about how she loves her missionaries too much.. I can tell her loves her job! It makes you feel special. 

My view of the MTC changes periodically. Somedays I want to hurry up and leave because I know as soon as I get into the mission field I'm not going to know French well anyway BUT other days I love it. It's a love, hate relationship. I feel like here you still aren't totally a missionary. But! I love being in the bubble and not having to worry about mean streets of France yet ;) 

Everytime I walk into the cafeteria I feel like I am at a multi-cultural event. It is crazy how many different nationalities are represented here. It is so cool! My companion went to go get a haircut and there were some Tahitian sisters getting stuff copied and I got to speak to them in French! They talked so fast... I asked them to repeat a couple of times but it was cool that I could understand them! 

I swear my district is cursed with saying bad things unintentionally. 
So when you say "Much thanks!" you say "Merci beaucoup!" You say it like MERCY BOW KOO but we have been saying "Merci, beau cul" which means "Thanks! Nice butt!" except in a more vulgar way. hahaha. 

Another sister began praying and she kept saying "Please attack our families. Please attack us with the holy spirit. Please harm our friends Please harm us with help." Bahaha. Gah, it was so funny. 

It's funny now but when we get to France it is probably going to be a little less funny. 

For thanksgiving we get a change of schedule! We get to eat Lunch from 12-2 or something crazy like that. We also get to hear from a General Authority! Probably someone of the 12! :) Gotta love the Apostles! I wonder who it will be. WE also get to do some awesome service! :) It is going to be weird not being home for Thanksgiving at home, eating pie and stuff! Oh well! :) Only one more Thanksgiving to miss! 

Apparently Christmas is HUGE in France. Escargot is a Christmas treat too! Something to be excited about! Apparently the French also eat dinner around 9PM and the dinners last anywhere from 2-3 hours. Hmmm. 

Don't forget to be Thankful for everything that the Lord has given you. It is amazing what the Lord has done. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I miss you all! Thank you for the letters, dear elders and packages! 

Bonne Thanksgiving!
Avec amour,
Elder Johnson

Silly kids - just a reminder they are still 18 & 19 year old young men. lol

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