Sunday, June 8, 2014


So! I'm just emailing to say that there won't be a huge letter this week! But I will explain a little about the trip and what is going to go on there.

So! Our voyage to Nice starts on Sunday, actually. First, we will go to Bordeaux and spend the night there with other missionaries so we can catch the bus, which leaves the next morning at 8.30 AM. 

Apparently, the bus is supposed to take 13 hours but I looked on the maps on the church website and it should only take 8ish... but who knows. Buses are really slow. It is also a law in France that buses have to stop every 2 hours for fifteen minutes--which will be really nice because otherwise I might die.

On the bus ride there, I plan on trying to read the whole Book of Mormon :) We will see if I can do it-- if not I have the ride back too. 

So We get to Nice around 8.30 PM on Monday and go straight to the hotel and our rooms. 

The next morning we wake up and go to the conference center and wait for Elder Anderson! :) haha I'm pretty darn excited. President has promised us, that if we prepare well enough--and that we follow the rules that he has set in place exactly, this conference will change our lives. 

It will not just be another conference. It will be something that will change our hearts, our missions, and our lives. 

I love you all lots! 

Avec amour,
Elder Johnson

(Because I can't not tell you a crazy person.)

So, Elder Sanchez and I are walking to the chapel when we pass this woman who is sitting on the steps that go up into an apartment building. We see her there often and usually say hi and each time she is like "What?! You guys again?!" Even though it has been several days since the last time we saw her... but anyway! 

We stop and talk to her and ask how she is doing and she says "OH! You're the Jehovah's Witnesses!" And we say, nooooo we are actually completely different and whatever..

Then she says "Oh, well that's good. I made a promise with the devil." “Oh, really? What did you promise him?”. "I can't say but I get to live longer now."

Voila! Crazy person of the week

Love you!

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