Monday, June 30, 2014

Bonjour Y'all!

This week was a great week. Lots of stuff going down. It always makes me happy to have a busy week. Anyway...

This week we had SO many meals with members. More than ever! haha. I've been trying really hard to treat the members here like guests at the ranch. Not so much catering to them but trying to be charming and I think it is working. :) Before, all I could really do was smile at them but now I can joke and talk with them like a normal person so it is awesome! Yay for French. Anyway!

On Monday we ate with a member that is about to move to Lyon. Which is kind of cool because I talk to her a lot about it and all of the members and how great it is. All of the food was good. Normal. hahaha  Then, later in the evening we ate with another member. She fed us artichokes. I love artichoke but I wasn't expecting it like this. In France they boil it whole, and then you rip the little petals off, bite the end of them, and then throw them in a bucket. Once you are down with all of the petals you get to the best part (The heart)! haha. Elder Sanchez didn't like it and the member thought it was pretty darn funny. 

Later this week we had a BBQ with the Famille Bontront. We asked them if we could do a little soiree with them, maybe with like three or four less actives and amis. Then, the day before they told us they were expecting 25 people! Hahaha. They invited their family and other families in the ward in addition to the amis that we had invited. It was so much fun. This past Sunday I asked Soeur Bontront what she liked to eat so we could make it for her to say thank you and she said, “Potatoes and butter”...  So, I'm not really sure if I'm going to make that for her or not. I said, "Is there anything we can do to thank you... service, food, etc" She then said, "I know! You could come over to our house again with amis and we could feed you!" 

Bahaha. I was just like NOOO! I want to thank you, not make more work for you! She is super awesome. 

The wonderful branch of Bergerac gave us a total of 5 meals this week! Haha. Not usually like this in Bergerac!

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchange to Brive with Elder Hunt. I always like exchanges because you get to see how other equips work. You get ideas, etc. Anyway! On exchange we got to do service on this HUGE garden terrain. We planted onions for two hours. It was pretty intense. The member was super nice and fed us food afterwards too. I forgot my magnetic plaque so I borrowed Elder Kiser's and all of the members were like "WHAT?! Another missionary named Elder Kiser?!" Nope... just me. Another Johnson. hahaha (I am the only Elder Johnson in the mission at the moment!...wonder how long that will last)

On the exchange we contacted quite a bit in Centre Ville. It was hot that day so a lot of people were eating ice cream. Something that made me kind of happy was seeing all of the puddles of dropped ice cream on the ground. Every time I saw one I would make a scenario in my head of the person dropping it and how they reacted. Ha ha... I know, I'm sick. 

The day after the exchange we had District meeting. It was good. We talked a lot about Elder Andersen and the importance of remembering how we felt, what we learned, and applying it all. Heavenly Father is going to be a lot more willing to give us spiritual knowledge if we are willing to apply it. 

Our amis are doing really well. This week with Zoraya we taught the commandments and started working on her baptismal program! She should be baptized the 12th of July. Hopefully I don't get transferred out! I would be sad. 

Antonio is also doing well! He loves coming to church and the members. Sometimes it is hard for him though because we have come to the realization that he really doesn't understand French. He probably understands about 15ish percent. Keep him in your prayers.  He is happier than ever though :) Which is great

Beatrice is also doing great! Still waiting for something’s to arrange themselves and she will be baptized soon after! 

Soooo, I just read the mission newsletter and we get transfer calls tomorrow instead of Friday. Sneak peak! hahaha. That is crazy. I guess president will be busy doing something on Friday. Or that is what I assume. 

Oh, and we have another apostle coming to the mission! Elder Ballard is coming to Geneva! Except, this time only the missionaries in Switzerland will get to attend the conference. Still pretty cool though.

I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately. I'm not really sure why but as I have been pondering it, I started to think of people that have forgiven me and how fortunate I am to have been forgiven, which made me then think of the people that I should ask forgiveness of. 

It is an interesting thing to think about. It makes your reflect on the actions you make everyday and how they are going to affect other people. And then we have the greatest Forgiver of all, Jesus Christ. What an example we have. 

D&C 64:10- I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men. 

I love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week! 

Avec Amour,

Elder Johnson

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