Monday, July 28, 2014


Hey everyone! Goodness how time flies! I've been in Bordeaux for three weeks already! Weeks just come and go. Sometimes I wish time would slow down a little. 

Anyway! About my week! :)

So! I went on a TON of exchanges this week.. One was planned and the others were all on the spot decided. My first exchange was with Elder Miner. We stayed in Talence and didn't have a ton of stuff planned before so we had a LOT of time for contacting. We had been contacting for about 45 minutes when I felt like we needed to go pass this member. So we are walking towards this members house and this woman comes up to us and asks "Vous êtes les mormons?" (You're the Mormons?) And we say yes and I'm thinking, "YES! This is why we came to see this member, so we could meet this lady." But then she is like.. I need you to pray for me... so I can win the lottery because I need to have lots of money to be happy.... (Face palm). So, my hopes and dreams were a little dashed. haha We did pray for her that she could be happy. 

One exchange we also visited some super cool members, because we are still trying to get to know the entire ward. It was too bad that Elder Karras wasn't with me because we got fed so many treats. haha. The members in this ward LOVE the missionaries. LOVE THEM. It is pretty impressive. 

SO the day after I had my exchange with Elder Miner, Elder Karras got REALLY sick and we had to stay in all day. We called this mission nurse and she said we couldn't go out for a long time. So I just read my scriptures, caught up in my journal, cleaned the whole apartment, and wrote a few letters. You really can only read your scriptures for so long consecutively before everything starts running together and your brain turns into spiritual mush. So, the Zone Leaders and the Lormont Elders were kind enough to do splits/exchanges with our equip so we didn't lose any of our RDVs. It was really nice of them. And I stayed sane. Elder Karras ended up being sick for about three days. We did get to go to church though. I was glad he could get out because I think apartment fever was starting to set in. lol

We taught a few times this week and the lessons were pretty good! We taught Manu about the Plan of Salvation. He really is searching for direction in his life and knows that he needs to put God first but he isn't quite willing to do it. 
We also taught Mathieu, which went really well. He said that everything we have taught him makes sense and that he is starting to "understand" the importance of what we are teaching. 

So, the girl who found my wallet told me that she was a little busy this last week... she was on vacation. BUT! Hopefully within these next few weeks we can get a RDV with her.

Vickie, the lady who asked us if we were from Utah, is going on vacation this week but she really wants to come to church the week after this one. I really feel like she has a lot of potential. Elder Andersen gave us statistics of people who were baptized and the top three characteristics were: People in a period of change (just moved, lost a loved one, etc) have friends or connections with the church, and are around 18-24 and she is all three of them! So! I'm excited.

Oh... something else we ate, HORSE! We saw it in the store and it was only 3 euros so I was like. Yes, I must try this. And it was pretty good. I actually liked it. It tasted like deer meat but less gamey and more tender. 

Elder Karras' Birthdy is the the 7th of August and mine on the 3rd, so we are hoping that lots of members will shower us in birthday love :) haha

Anyway! I know that this work could not possibly work if it wasn't the work of the Lord. He lives. He loves us. And He wants us to be happy. 

I love you!

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