Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ello! :)

Hi everyone! This week’s email won't be super long! haha

So, due to some needs in another ward, I have been transferred to Talence, which is in Bordeaux. I was sad to leave Bergerac so quickly. I wasn't able to say goodbye to all of the members and there will be a baptism there in five days but ca va... c'est la vie! 

So, my new companion's name is Elder Karras! He is really funny. He is from Kaysville Utah. 

Our new apartment is really small. lol. It is nice though. Luckily we are just there to eat and sleep... I guess you can't have too nice of an apartment for missionaries because then they won't get out as fast and start working ;) haha

Oh, a little bit about our equip. We were white washed in, meaning that both of us are new to the area, ville, ward, amis, etc.. So, it's a little weird trying to plan our days but I imagine by next week it will be better. 

A HUGE and a MINI miracle that I want to share with everyone. I think I alluded to it a little bit before, but our mission set a goal to baptize as many people as possible the 5th of July at 6.00PM. Well, with all of our efforts, 22 people were baptized! 22! And during the mission wide "world cup" we baptized close to 65 people! This year, we are way ahead of the number of baptisms than we had last year. It's all due to our faith and hard work. I know it. The mission is changing and baptisms are coming at a much faster rate. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time. The work is hastening in Europe. And the world! haha

Okay…the mini miracle.  So, travelling to Bordeaux I lost my wallet on the train. As soon as the train left I realized I didn't have my wallet. I was SO worried. I prayed so hard that someone honest would find it and return it. Afterwards, I just got a feeling like it would be okay. 

Today, the mission office got a call from the Bordeaux Gare saying they found my wallet! :D Definitely a tender mercy of the Lord. I find great joy and peace knowing that the Lord cares about the things that we care about, not matter how silly or small. What a great blessing :)


I love you all! 


Elder Johnson

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