Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonne Fête National!

Hello tout le monde! I hope everyone had a good week. My week was pretty fantastic! Not a ton of things went down, but it was still pretty good. 

So, Bordeaux is probably the most beautiful city I've ever been to. It is wonderful. There is so much to do here and SO much history. It seems older than Lyon but don't quote me on that!  Talence is a suburb of Bordeaux. There are a lot of houses and colleges in our sector. Which means families and cool young people! haha

We actually don't even live in our sector.. and it takes like an hour to get into our working area so that is why were are going to be moving out of our apartment soon. 

So! Since we were white washed in we have been working hard to see the amis that the other elders had, understand all of the public transport, and find more people to teach. White washing is a little difficult but it is pretty good. We are starting to get adjusted to everything.

Oh! And Zoraya got baptized in Bergerac this week!!! I was super happy to hear about that. I was sad to leave and not see the actual baptism but I was just as happy to see that she had been baptized even though I wasn't there. She is off to EFY this week! haha Two days a member and going to EFY. That will be a great experience for her. 

Especially For Youth - EFY (click to find out more about EFY)

Something that the other Elders did was do Samedi Sportif! We all go to this park with amis, members and nonmembers and play soccer. Let me tell you, I was SO sore afterwards. It reminded me a lot of when I was in Lyon with Elder Schneider and all of these little French kids destroyed us and we were super sore afterwards.. Same story this time too. haha

We have seen two of the amis that the other Elders passed to us. Manu, who is a super cool guy. He came to Samedi Sportif and wants to meet more but his work schedule is so crazy... And we met and have started teaching Ahmed. He is a super open Muslim who has started reading the Book of Mormon and said he felt something.. Pretty coool! But yeah :) Those are our amis at the moment.

So, my wallet, which was found in the Gare had a note in it which said "You were lucky!" and a telephone number. I texted the number to say thank you and to ask to see if I could repay this person somehow. They sent a text back and said that they would be in Bordeaux this next week! We are going to go out for pastries :D haha 

We are staying out until midnight tonight! We get to watch the fireworks for the National Holiday :) haha. WOOT WOOT. 

There are muskrats that live near our bus stop... It is like a zoo. hahaha Kinda random and stupid to share but hey! Whatever!

I will try to send photos next week! 

I love you all tons! Bon Continuation! 

Avec Amour,
Elder Johnson

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