Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello Everyone! This week has treated Elder Karras and me wonderfully! We have found a lot of new people and are really starting to pick up steam. It is so great to see that we are making visible progress. 

So! Unfortunately, we still have not been able to see Manu. He wasn't even at Samedi Sportif, which is really weird for him. We called him a few times and he told us that he really just isn't feeling well and is feeling really down. We asked him if he wanted to get a blessing and he said yes but never showed up... so, we just keep praying for him and hoping that he will feel well enough to see us. 

Lisha, the Chinese student that we met a few weeks ago is back from her vacation and we were able to convince her to see us a few more times before she chooses to NOT see us. It's a tricky situation because she has been meeting with another group who is teaching her at the same time. So, we shall see about that! 

Nicolas, is a new ami that we found out of the area book. He hadn't been taught for about two years, so we called him up and he said, "Yeah, I would love to meet with you. I was actually thinking about coming to your church again." Definitely prepared by the Lord. He asked some SUPER hard questions and he uses super big French words that I don't understand but we had a great member with us that saved the day. 

Patrica is a new amie that we contacted a few weeks ago and is now just seeing us. She is pretty cool. She is from Cote d'Ivoire and is super religious but doesn't really see the need for "a church". I think she has quite a bit of potential. 

Nesur, is also a new ami! We were riding the bus home and we had these two black guys behind us speaking this really, really weird language so we asked them were the were from and what they were speaking. Nesur is from Guyenne (south American country that speaks French). Anyway, we starting talking and we asked, "Would you want to learn more?" And he was like "Uh yeah, if it is about God it interests me!" 

It has just been super cool to see all of these amis come out of the wood works.  It has been hard these past two weeks and we are really starting to see progress.

So, Elder Ballard is coming to our mission! Just the missionaries in Suisse will be able to be there live but we are all going to watch the conference. Anyway, as a gift to him, we are all working towards a mission-wide baptism on the 27th of September. 

This has really motivated us to push hard these next two weeks because time is running out to find someone so that they will be ready to be baptized by that date. 

We have been praying a LOT for new amis so that we can be a part of the mission-wide miracle present to Elder Ballard and I know that our faith and prayers are paying off! It is really neat. 

Well, like always, we met some crazy people this week. The most notable was this SUPER drunk Muslim guy. We had to wait at the same bus stop as him and as soon as he saw us he came over to us and was like "MY BROTHERS! PREACH ALLAH!" It was an interesting experience. He was standing SO close to Elder Karras. I thought he was going to kiss him! hahaha. The guy then slings he arms over both mine and elder Karras's shoulders and says: "Touch my heart! Don't be afraid!”  So, we pulled a hard pass on that one and then he kissed his hand and then touched both of our missionary plaques, said "Allah Bless you!" and then he walked off. Only in France :) 

I love you all! I love my mission and this work! 

Elder Johnson

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