Monday, February 2, 2015


Well! I don't have a ton to say this week, other than we had a great week in Périgueux. I'm really starting to love this little ville. The members are what make it so awesome. I really like serving in big villes and I have lots of member friends in each one, but in small branches like this one, you get so close to the members. You become a part of their large, dysfunctional family. 

Our amis are doing really well. We have fixed a baptismal date with one of our amis, Jean-Luc for the 21st of February. He is from Guyane. I don't know if the name is the same in English as French but basically it is the country just above of Brazil where everyone speaks French! 

Yin is also doing really well. We invited him to choose a date this week and I was almost sure he was going to say yes because we sat in silence afterwards for like three minutes... just staring at the floor. At the beginning of my mission I hated silence like that, it was just super awkward to me. But now, I know it is an excellent opportunity for the spirit to speak to people. Anyway, he very gently said that he didn't know if he was ready. I then asked him what was holding him back. He thought for a few minutes and explained that he isn't quite ready to commit to living all of the commandments yet. 

I'm sure that he has received a spiritual confirmation it's just up to him now. We fasted for him this Sunday and he has a super important interview this Tuesday (and he fasted that everything would go well) so keep him in your prayers! 

Well! As for the transfer, Elder Brill is leaving me... He is going to Nimes (which is near Montpellier) I'm excited for him to experience another part of the mission. Moving for the first time is always an experience! 

As for me, I will be staying in Périgueux and I will be TRAINING a BLEU! hahaha... In terms of the mission, I'm having a baby! (A missionary straight from the missionary training center.) When I got the call I just thought, ”Oh, my poor bleu.” lol I'm super excited for this next transfer. It is going to be so much fun. 

Today I'm in Bordeaux and will leave this evening to Toulouse, stay the night there and then go to Lyon and stay until Thursday. I'm so excited. I might have some time to see Rachelle and Annick! That would be awesome. 

Well! That is it for this week! I'm sorry that I can't send any photos... I forgot my adapter. Anyway!

Je vous aime! 
Que Dieu Vous Bénisse!
--Elder Johnson

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