Monday, December 23, 2013


Flight to France

Alright! Wow, it;s almost been two weeks in France for me! The first week went by so slowly... this week FLEW BY!

So... I never really know where to begin... 
Anyway! Here it goes

We had the most awesome Zone Conference ever! Not that I have any to compare it to but whatever! :-) We started with the actual conference and talked about how significant the birth of the Savior actually is.. There isn't a birth in the history of the world, that had a more profound effect on all of mankind. We also set some goals for the next year. We are really going to focus on finding families!

After the meetings we had awesome food. Honestly, my appetite has increased at least ten fold... I eat SO MUCH. And I'm always hungry. Always. Anyway, I talked to President during the meal... He is such a cool man.

So, for two days it rained straight... And I didnt see the sun the whole time. Honestly, the first day was probably the most miserable I have had on my mission thus far. When you contact people in the rain they don't appreciate it even less than usual. We had so many appointments fall through the same day... So I was just miserable... But then we had a miracle!

We were looking for the apartment for some inactive member... We were knocking on all of these doors asking if anyone knew where they lived... We ended up giving up but there was one last door and we decided that we should knock on it anyway. This African woman answered the door and we asked if she wanted to know about Jesus and she was super excited and said yes! hahah It was such a blessing to have success after so many failures that day.

These photos below were taken in the center of the city.

We did service at TOYS R US! Hahaha.. Honestly it was probably the most stressful thing I have evert done in my entire life. We had to wrap presents for people... and they expect you to do it fast, pretty, and speak French with them all at once! How demanding... hahaha. It was fun though... Im pretty darn fast now. If you have any presents you need wrapped, just call me ":)

Church in France is awesome! The members are SO, SO cool. I love it when they correct me on my French.. It makes me feel like I am getting better. Really, not being able to speak french and going to the church makes you the most endeared person in a thounsand mile radius. The French members love the American missionaries... hahaha

I also had to give the opening prayer for sacrament meeting. I was just sitting there after the song and my companion was like "Arent you going to go say the prayer"? And I laughed and said no... He was like... They are waiting for you! Bahaha.. Just goes to show how much I understand.

So! We have a grand total of four amis! With lots of contacting and faith, we have really had a great start. It is funny because in France you kind of racial profile for contacting.. Because you aren't allowed to teach Muslims (It is dangerous for you and for them( and you RUN towards the African people because they are humble and ready for the gospel! lol Okay.. so we dont do that... but we really arent supposed to teach the Muslim

Our lessons are going well. All of our amis are progressing. My favorite one.. (Is that allowed) is from Africa.. He is so ready for the gospel. When we gave him the book of Mormon his face TOTALLY lit up. It is going to be something I will never forget. He is so grateful. 

I'm really developing a love for the people we (I say we but i usually just pray and testify). They are almost like your children... You teach them and love them and hope the best for them.

So, I really just have to froce myself to speak to people... as difficult as it is... I just have to. I've totally gotten over my fear of rejection though. It is just a fact of missionary life. When they say they arent interested and look like they are about to spit on you, you just smile and wish them a good day. 

Contacting really is so much fun though.. as terrifying as it is. The French people actual love to talk.. especially if it is about food or family. Pretty interesting.

I actually haven't run into anymore catholic priests but I did run into a crazy Tunsian man in the Train Station. hahaha. He was SO crazy. My frist sign should have been when he walked up to me and starting speaking in English...
He was like "WOAH, there are so many pretty american boys here..." bahaha. I love how you dress and take care of your teeth... the French, they no do this. He ended up singing a song for me and asking for money. I told him that the church gives me money to use only for living. But I gave him a kitkat and he was very grateful. He then proceeded to ask if he could marry my sister... If I had known him a little bit longer I would have said yes. Towards the end of our conversation a woman walked by and he literally SCREAMS at the top of his lungs "HEY SEXXYYYYYYY LADDYYYYY with some bad words in there... Bahaha. That is when I walked away.

Oh, contacting.. the people you meet :) 

Anyway... .I think that is it for this week. Thank you so much for all of the support that I have back home. It is funny to see that things are still happening back home. 

I love my mission and the people of France. The gospel is SO true! What a wonderful time of year it is. The king of the world was born! The hearts of the people are softened this time of year. 

I've come to realize everyone wants to believe in something. Everyone is searching. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone wants to be happy.

Joyeux Noel et Bon Fete! 
Avec amour,
Elder Johnson

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