Monday, May 18, 2015

"SANS TITRE"---because I don't know what to put as a headline

Bonjour everyone! 

This week was really good... just like the rest of them. I haven't had a bad week in a while (knocking on wood). Things are just dandy here in Albi, France. We have a lot of good things going on right now. 

So, I guess I will start with Eda (because her baptism is this Saturday!). Eda is so great. I really love her. She cracks me up. She doesn't joke or try to make us laugh but the way she says things is just too much sometimes. For example... she is in LOVE with Moroni. (Moroni is a great leader in the Book of Mormon) If Moroni was living today, she would probably try to marry him. I need to explain why...

So, after Eda's husband passed away, she had a dream that Moroni was in it. Well, she didn't know who it was at the time but he looked really familiar to her (because her mom has a huge picture of him in her house) SO, she wakes up the next morning and sees the picture and realizes that it is him and feels like it is a sign that she needs to "go back to her roots" and be baptized (because all of her family is in the church.) Ever since then, she has been in love with him. When we are were going over the baptismal interview questions we asked her if she believed that Joseph Smith had been the prophet who restored the gospel to the earth? And she said, "You know, I like Joseph Smith but Moroni is way stronger." hahaha. Her exact words. She went on for like 10 minutes talking about how strong and awesome Moroni was until we finally re-asked the question and she is like "Oh yeah, for sure! Of course Joseph Smith restored the church. " hahah. Maybe she understood the question as "Who is your favorite hero in the Book of Mormon?" 

She is so excited for her baptism. There are actually going to be four baptisms the same day. The Rodez elders (who come to our branch) are having a baptism, along with two equipes in Toulouse. It is going to be a really cool day. She has invited around 20ish people, not even kidding. And they are all coming. Some are coming from PARIS. Yes, PARIS. She called me the other day to see if we wanted to go to the temple in Suisse with her after her baptism. We explained we couldn't go but she is already planning her trip! lol. I also told her that we had to teach all of her friends after her baptism and she was like "Pas de soucis!" "Not a problem!" She is really cool. 

Brigitte is also doing well. We were only able to see her once this last week because she had a friend that came up from Marseille so they spent time together. She is currently looking to move closer to Albi, which will be good. Pray that she finds a house soon! 

Meethel, our Chinese amie is probably one of my favorite people on planet earth. She is just so stinking open to new ideas. We invited her to church this last week and she said she is excited to come. We hope to give her a baptismal date this week. Whenever you are teaching her she just nods her head and says "Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Ok. Hmm." Does that make sense? "Yes. Perfect sense!" She told us she really wants that what we teach her to be true. She is awesome. 

We had zone p-day last Monday. It was nice. All of the equipes in the zone went to Toulouse and we ate together, talked and just played some fun games. It made me think about how incredible it is to be a missionary. There are so many people that I love so much that I would have never met had I not come on a mission. Missionaries, members and amis. All thanks to the mission. 

After playing around we had to drive back to Albi to get all of our other p-day stuff done (clean, wash the car, groceries, emails). It is too bad we live so far away from Toulouse. It is a pretty cool city. Very pretty. 

We had an apartment check this week (it is to see if your apartment is clean). We passed with flying colors. The senior couple told us it was one of the cleanest. Yeah, I'm pretty proud. 

We did gardening work with Soeur Delouche this week. I love working in the garden so much. It is nice to change the type of work you do on a day to day basis. It is kind of a stress relief. She was impressed with our gardening skills. 

We should be getting iPads this Friday if everything goes well. I'm not getting my hopes up just because I've been hearing about our mission getting iPads for about a year now. I am excited to get them though. They are really going to change the work. I'm a little worried about carrying one around all the time though. I mean, once one bad person finds out missionaries have iPads, a lot of bad people could. But I mean, we are in France, it isn't like people get stabbed in the butt everyday. 

So, spiritual thought of the week. I was studying for certain amis of ours and I came across the scripture in Corinthians 10:13:

 13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

This scripture is a real comfort for me. To know that I'm not destined to fail because of weaknesses or "favorite sins" that I have won't stop me from overcoming temptation. God loves us and wants only the best for us. He wants us to succeed and will allow us to as we learn to put our trust in Him. There is always an "escape" and He will never be ashamed of us for what we have or have not done because His love in unconditional. 

So! That was our week! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers :) 
Que Dieu Vous Bénisse!

Elder Johnson

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