Monday, May 25, 2015

''Je suis prête! Baptises-moi!''

Elder Johnson & Elder Strong in Albi
WOOO! What a week! This week was so good but also so hard. It is funny how that happens. Things are just going good and then all of the sudden opposition just comes up out of nowhere. There is a quote from an apostle that says something like "When everything is going good... just wait." haha. It's true! Anyway, I'll explain.

So! This week we had the awesome occasion to baptize Eda! It was a really neat experience. There were four baptisms that all went down on the same day. Up until this point in my mission I haven't ever been to a baptism with more than one person being baptized so it was a very special occasion for everyone that came. The two men in the middle are from Toulouse Capitole and then the two sets on the outside (me, Eda, Elder Gossel, and Mde Gil) are all from Albi. 

There was a really good turn out at the church despite the baptism being an hour drive away from where we normally meet for church. Eda invited five friends, who all really enjoyed themselves. One of them thought we were a sect before she came to the baptism and then afterwards she said she felt a peace come over her as soon as she walked into the building, the spirit :D We hope to start teaching her friends soon. She is on a spiritual high right now and we are going to ride the wave of that. 

Super cool tender mercy... Okay, prepare yourselves. Eda is from the Island of Maurice, which is near Madagascar. Her family there is in the church. Her mom is super well known over there for loving missionaries and always feeding them and whatever. Anyway! The bishop of Toulouse Capitole Ward came up to Eda after the service to congratulate her and they started talking and somehow they got onto the subject of where Eda is originally from. The bishop served his mission in Maurice and he ate at Eda's mom's house like every week! He said that she was one of the best members there. Okay, so already cool tender mercy,  the world is small and with the church it is even smaller but it gets better. The bishop calls his wife over and then the wife is like,  you look familiar.. do you have any sisters in the church? Eda says yes and she lists off the names. The bishops wife looks super surprised and then covers her mouth with her hand and she says,"When I was a missionary in England, I served with your sister!" HA! How crazy is that?! They both started crying and hugged. lol. It was super sweet. Eda had family that was going to come to the baptism but then something happened to where they couldn't anymore. She said this is a way the Lord allowed her "family" to come to her baptism. It was so cool. 

Something kind of funny. As we walked into the water, I got all ready to do the baptism and say the baptismal prayer and then Eda said... "Je suis prete, baptises moi!'' (I’m ready... baptize me!) and starts to bend her knees and lean back... lol I was like wait, wait, wait! lol 

So aside from Eda's baptism this week was really hard. Our amis have kind of just fallen like flies. We are no longer seeing Axel. He is in the hospital and he said he can't see us for at least two weeks. The Family Leroy is still super cool and open to have us but because of Stan's work and the new baby, we have been put on hold for the moment. Meethel text us yesterday saying how she was too busy to see us for at least two weeks. So... we are looking at square one pretty much (except with Brigitte). 

I don’t know if it is because summer has started or what but suddenly people have been SO stinking mean. I hadn't been yelled so violently in public in a really long time. I don't know if it is because we stick out a lot easier with our white shirts or what but man, people have just been awful. But! We know it is just because we need to find new amis right now and someone wants us to be discouraged and give up. HA! NEVER! 

Our numbers were pretty bad this week but they should be better this next week. We just hope to find new people. That is our man focus right now. 

Elder Strong and I went to the Yonnet's house and Soeur Yonnet had made some hummus and she was like "Do you like spicy?" In French it is "Vous aimez épicé?" and Elder Strong didn't understand and he repeated back "J'aime pisser?" which means "I like to pee?" but kind of in a vulgar way. The Yonnets tried so hard not to laugh but I exploded with laughter and they gave up as soon as they saw my hopeless case.... it was too funny. I love being with a bleu. 

So, we probably had our best lesson we have ever had with Brigitte this week. We prayed and fasted before and the spirit was so strong. We know she is ready to fix a date and she does too but she is scared. 

I probably made the boldest promise I have ever made my entire mission in that rendezvous. We promised her that if she fixed a date, she would find a new house without a problem IF she fixes a date. Then we said, "After you see Eda's baptism, we are going to fix a date, and you are going to find a house." She got all quiet and said,"Ok". Usually when we try to fix a date she is like.. noooo, I don't want to... I hate dates...etc. But this time she didn't fight it at all. It was so cool. 

I know that if we hadn't prayed and fasted then we would not have been able to bring the spirit to the lesson like we did. Our amis have so many needs and concerns and for us, it is impossible to know all of them, to find the silver bullet so to speak. There isn't just one thing that you can say that will help them. The silver bullet in that sense doesn't exist. The spirit is the silver bullet. It changes hearts, minds and notions. I am so thankful for power of the spirit in conversion. 

SOOOOO. That was our week! Pray that we find new people! 

I love you all!

Elder Johnson

Albi France

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