Monday, June 22, 2015

Au REVOIR et Nouveau Branche Président

Farewell to President and Sister Roney

Hello dearest family and friends! 

Quite a few things went down this week! 

So! This last Monday we took a train trip to Bordeaux to say goodbye to President and Sister Roney. They gave us their "final" words. President said he wanted to give us the most important "word of wisdom" that he could give us before he "dies". He talked a lot about trials and their importance in this life. 

President's mother passed away during his mission and he said it was one of the hardest things he ever experienced but he wouldn't have had it any other way. It sounds weird, but the fact of the matter is, with the gospel the most horrific, catastrophic events in our lives can become beautiful examples of success and growth. It is simply a matter of perspective. He talked about how he was able to touch the hearts of many people of whom he would not have been able to touch if it had not been for this trial in his life. He and his family came out stronger because they chose to act with the perspective of the gospel in mind.

I think what struck me the most during the conference was the phrase "We should not be afraid of what is going to happen to us. We should be afraid of how we are going to react in the face of what comes our way." It doesn't matter what happens to us in this life. It doesn't matter. It matters how we react. We have the choice to either diminish or grow our faith in the face of trials. 

After the Roney's parting words they gave us a print of a painting that they have in their home of Jesus washing the apostle’s feet, took a photo with each missionary and then gave us a hug. BOTH President AND Sister Roney! It wasn't really weird hugging Sister Roney though because she is practically a second mom to all of the missionaries... but some Elders were like... uh, really? hahaha. It was a little weird to hug a woman quand même. 

So... Brigitte is going through so much stinking crap it is unbelievable. I have never seen so much opposition! Her daughters are just doing really, really bad things and it is stressing her out a lot. I won't go into detail because it isn't important but I will say that Brigitte is a trooper. She is trying so hard to do what is right. Pray for her!

To make her feel better we went over to her house and made a cheesecake with her. I have come understand a little bit more of my calling as a missionary visiting her... every time we go in there is a sad, heavy feeling and then when we leave it is happy and uplifted. It is so awesome being a missionary. *in the picture you will see her friend Eric... who is pretty much Slash. He is awesome. 

Making a cheesecake with Brigitte and "Slash"

Ambre is doing well. She didn't come to church but I know she will soon. I know it! She is also facing some weird out of the blue opposition. She will come through though. I have faith! 

We visit an older woman named Mimi every week to give her the sacrament and honestly, she is the most hilarious person I know in the entire world. She tries to speak English to us and I almost die from laughter every time. 

We taught her what a selfie was this last Sunday... She likes the concept. 

So... I'm not second counselor anymore! Shweew! hahaha.. We had the stake president come and call a new Branch President,Frere Bernardi, super dope guy. All the members were like, “Aren't you so happy to be released?” and I'm like.. uh? I've only been here for like three weeks. But a little birdy told us that I will be called again in three weeks... So. I get a three week vacation. ha. 

It is a good change for the branch. Everyone has a new energy and they want to do everything the correct way all of the sudden. It is awesome. We just need to run with it. haha. :) Anyway! Yep! That is it for this week! :) 

I love you all! 
Que Dieu vous bénisse
Elder Johnson 

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