Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TRANSFER # 3 in Albi

Well! Transfers have rolled around again and I'm staying in Albi! This is the first time that I will stay for more than three months in a ville since I started my mission in Lyon. Pretty crazy, huh? I can't believe how fast this last transfer flew by. Elder Strong and I have had a great time together. But all things must come to an end... Elder Strong left for Valence and now I have Elder Steadman as my companion. He is pretty cool. He is from Sandy, UT and he came in the same group as Elder Acheson so he is starting his fourth transfer. His French is really good for how old he is in the mission. I'm excited to serve with him. I hope he is excited to drive. 

This email is kinda going to be a huge blob of disorganized though and feelings. I'm trying to think what happened this last week and I honestly couldn't tell you. Is that bad? I think I am turning into my mom. C'est la vieillesse. ;) 

Ami hunting has been kinda tough recently. I don't know why. There is quiet a bit of oppostion recently. I think it is the summer heat... maybe? But we aren't letting ourselves get down. We are just going to keep talking to as many people as possible with the faith that God has prepared people in our area. 

I've been thinking a lot about my time left in the mission and how now is really my time to shine. I speak the language. I know all of the lessons. I have a solid doctrinal understanding of the scriptures. Now it is just time to give it my all. At the beginning of the mission you struggle with the language and the lessons. You struggle with the scheduling and the logistics of being a missionary. Those things aren't even worries anymore. Just full speed ahead. 

Something cool that happened this week...we FINALLY got to see the Famille Leroy! We weren't able to see them the entire transfer up until now, because of their baby and work. We were a little worried it was because we had invited them to be baptized and then they got cold feet but it ended up just being life that got in the way. They were really happy to see us and we, happy to see them. Every time I see them I see this little celestial family just waiting to happen. I want so desperately for them to join the church and go to the temple. 

That is about it for this week! I love you all! I hope you are not melting in the heat like I am. I have just been sweating perpetually since Monday... it is fantastic. :) 

Avec amour,
Elder Johnson

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