Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey everyone! This week was super awesome! I can't believe that this is calls week! Second transfer is Talence is practically over! It will be interesting to see what happens this next transfer, since Elder Karras and I have both been here for the same amount of time. Anyway!

This week I went on an exchange with Elder Lythgoe! Elder Lythgoe is still in his first transfer, so he is super blue and super cool. I was talking to him and turns out that he knows Cecil and Nancy Black (his great aunt and uncle)! haha. Apparently Cecil was his keyboarding teacher. LOL Too funny. 

(Blue= Green, meaning new or fairly new missionary)

On our exchange we saw some pretty cool miracles. I think that Heavenly Father blesses blues with really nice people in their paths to build their faith and make them excited to talk to people. 

Throughout the day we were pretty busy so we didn't have a TON of time to talk to people but when we did, the people were SO nice and they gave us their numbers! It was super awesome. After each contact Elder Lythgoe was like "Are your contacts like this everyday?" HAHA. NO! It was a fun exchange. 

We have found these building to porte that are just super fruitful and full of so many college students it isn't even funny. They are really nice and always open to talk... anyway! 

(Porte= going door to door, knocking and hoping that the person inside will let you in. J)

So we are on floor seven of the building and we porte into this woman who doesn't open the door and she says "Who are you?!" And Elder Karras said "We talk about Jesus!" and then she opened the door and we are able to teach a lesson at the door! It was really cool. I don't know if we will see her again but it was still cool.

One floor lower, we get let into an apartment and teach another lesson! We are going to see them again too. Their names are Ralph and Remmie. They are brother and sister and are originally from Lebanon. They are Christians too which wasn't expected at all because they are from a Middle Eastern country. At the end of the rendezvous they asked if it was easier for us to speak in English because they speak English fluently... what the? It was really funny. I'm excited to teach them again. Young people and families are the most fun to teach. 

Another cool miracle that we had yesterday was that we were just walking to the church to print some stuff off and these two guys passed us and then like 30 seconds after they passed one of them asked "What is that thing?" and he pointed at our plaques/name tags. We explained it to him and his brother what we do and why we are here. We asked them if learning more interested them and they were like "YES! That would be awesome!" haha. GAH! So cool. 

Famille Inampudi is doing really well. We are kind of stumped with them though because when we asked them to pray to know if our message is true and they are like "We know your  message is true... your message is for unbelievers and we are already believing!" So, they won't pray to know if our message is true. I mean... we could have worse problems with our amis... hahaha. 

They are still super busy but they came to church and we are seeing them twice this week :) Super happy about that

We found Dina in our area book and she is pretty cool. She was taught by the missionaries when she was 27 years old and is still in contact with one of the original missionaries. She is 60 now. It is pretty crazy. 

She is pretty open but she is mad at God for all of the bad things that have happened in her life, which is pretty normal. But, she said she wants to "believe like she used to." So, we will see.

We have so many potential amis at the moment it is crazy. I'm sure we will have at least four or five new amis by the time we have all of our rendezvous. J Our hard work is paying off! 

We have a member in our ward that we visited right before working in her area of town. We had her pray with us so that we could have success in finding someone to teach the gospel to. So we work the whole afternoon in her area and nothing. People were nice but nothing happened.

On Sunday without even saying hi she comes up and says "ALORS, est-ce qu'il y a nouvelle?!" (SO, any news?!) And we say "No, but everyone was nice!" and as soon as she heard that she went "PFFFFT", through her hands up in the air and walked off... LOL NICE. 

She is a little special. hahaha

We also went to Arcachon, which is a HUGE sand dune! The biggest in all of Europe. It was GIANT. The photos don't do it justice. Look up "La dune du Pilat" on google just to see how big it is. It was so much fun. 

Anyway! That is it for this week! Hope I stay in Talence! We will see :) Love you!

Que Dieu Vous Bénisse 

Elder Johnson

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