Monday, July 13, 2015

The Browns and Sunflower Power

Bonjour à tous!

This week was good! It flewwwww by. Holy cow. We did quite a lot of random things this week. 

We started out this week by going to Toulouse to go bowling with the rest of the Toulouse Zone. It was so stinking fun. I think of all of the zones I have served in, this is probably my favorite one. It is one of the smaller zones geographically so we can hang out more than usual. We know how to have a good time :) 

I can't believe how much I love and hate bowling. I think it is because I pretend like I don't care but actually I care a ton and I'm super competitive. The trick is just to be super silly when you throw the ball down the lane because then when you are really bad it is okay... and when you do well it is amazing. 

The first game we all bowl(ed) around the same score of about 100ish except Elder Sorensen, who killed us all. He doesn't even put his fingers in the holes an he just hucks the thing down there and kills the pins. 

The second round we all got better. I think I ended up getting around 140ish... but, I mean, we are missionaries. We don't keep score and aren't competitive because as the white handbook says "don't allow the game to become competitive, as competitive games lead to injury." hahaha

It was a great way to start out the week. I love being a missionary. Being around other missionaries is the best thing ever. 

Thursday we finally got to meet our new mission president and his wife! They are so nice. I kind of wished they were mean so then I had a reason not to like them because the Roneys are so great but I found myself loving them too... haha. They have SO much energy. I was really surprised. They are so full of excitement and readiness to go out and baptize people. 

I think they will bring a lot of good changes to the mission. I'm not going to lie and say it isn't weird the Roneys aren't here anymore but I think the Browns are exactly what we need right now to push the work forward. Soeur Brown is hilarious. She loves to laugh and joke. President Brown is more reserved and serious, so they balance each other out well. 

In my interview with President he asked me how much time I had left on my mission and I told him. He paused for a second and then said, "Have you ever ran the 800m?" And I say "Yeah..." And then he asked me how you are supposed to run the 800. I told him, the first lap you go out as hard as you can to get a good lead and then the second lap you swing you arms and pray until you make it across the finish.

He paused, and then said, "That's what you've got to do right now." I really appreciated my interview with him. I am so happy to be a missionary and to be serving. When I had older companions earlier in my mission they would talk about how tired they were all the time and I would judge them super hard for not working hard or for "being lazy" and now I feel really bad because I understand what they were talking about. You just get tired. It is a physical and mental fatigue! 

But! I'm swinging my arms and I'm praying! haha. The final stretch is the most important part of the race. 

We are still searching for amis. Last night I sent a mass text to all of our potential amis in the phone asking them if they were interested in an English class and a ton of people responded! We shall see if anything turns out. Pray that we find some elect people :)

Brigitte is moving forward. She is making some significant steps towards quitting smoking. Her and Eda have become friends and it is really funny. They are so different and they would have never had met if it weren't for the church. It is interesting to see how people come in contact with each other because of the gospel.  

This week we invited Brigitte to pick a date to stop smoking. We are going to follow up tomorrow. It is difficult because everyone in her house smokes :/ but I know she can do it. We are probably going to have a branch fast for her.

Eda fed us this week, as usual. She LOVES to feed us and she makes food for like 30 people and then expects us to eat all of it. She is doing well. She is working on going to the temple in the near future. She wants have the ordinances done for her husband so bad. It is in the near future. 

Well! I have a new "assignment" because as a missionary, you don't hold callings. I'm now the ward clerk because they all think I know how to work MLS (church record keeping system) really well when in actuality I guess a lot of the time until I figure it out. 

Transfer calls are this Friday and now since I'm not the 2nd counselor anymore I have felt like I'm going to leave to go die somewhere else (To die is when your mission is over). There are 24ish missionaries who are dying this transfer and only 12 coming in so there are going to be a lot of people moving around. 

I'm pretty nervous for this transfer call because this is going to decide where I'm going to die in the mission (logically speaking). If I stay here, I will more than likely do my last two transfers here but if I leave then I will die wherever they send me. Goodness... I just want to know right now! 


Je vous aime! Merci pour votre soutien! 
Elder Cameron Johnson

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