Monday, December 22, 2014


Elder Johnson and Elder Johnson on exchange (We are cursed with this name)
I love Christmas so much. It is such a special time of year... especially to be a missionary. It has the potential to make you homesick if you don't have the right mindset but as long as you're working hard, you don't have time for any of that stuff. This week's letter will be a little different just because we got to make the most of the Christmas Season. 


I just wanted to share a small spiritual thought that I found by reading and reflecting on the Christmas story as found in Luke 2. Before I read, I asked Heavenly Father to help me understand the gravity and importance of the event. 

As I was reading the story, that I have heard and read probably 50 times, I was so touched. I started to really realize how crazy it must have been for those that were there and witnessed the birth of the Savior. I was still struggling to really understand the gravity of the event though. I wanted to feel like I was there when I came across verse 19 which says: “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” After I had read that scripture, I realized even Mary didn't fully understand the significance of the birth of her son. Yes, she understood but not fully. I love how it says that she kept and pondered these the things that she witnessed in her heart.

After reading that, I decided that I would try to read the Christmas Story everyday this week and ponder them in my heart so that I could understand better how magnificent of an even this actually was. 

At our Zone Conference (with David Archuleta. btw...our mission is the best), Sister Roney shared a slogan that really hit home for me. Although the slogan is simply for marketing and trying to get you to buy more products, it shares a very absolute truth. "From one gift come many." 

How true is this simple phrase when applied to the birth of the Savior? "From one gift come many."  Our lives, our families, and everything else you can think of... was made rendered possible through the birth of a child, born in a manger.

Let us all remember the Christmas Spirit this year and rejoice in knowing that the Redeemer of Israel was born and lives today. 

DAVID! AHHH. Only two sisters cried. I did talk to him for about 30 seconds. He is really nice
Joyeux Noel! Je vous aime! 
Que Pere Noel vous offert les choses que vous voulez! ;)

Elder Johnson

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